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This exciting fantasy series with elements of drama and thriller is a screen version of the comic book series from the publisher Marvel Comics. In the center of the plot is a young man named David Heller, who is a patient of a psychiatric clinic. Even in his teens, the boy received a disappointing diagnosis - schizophrenia. Since then, our hero is under the close supervision of doctors, but prolonged treatment does not give any clearly pronounced positive results. The thing is that David hears in his head different voices, and also periodically sees strange hallucinations that make the guy believe that he is really crazy. But everything changes after our hero meets a newly arrived patient - a brisk girl named Sidney. This meeting, running a string of incredible events, makes David out of the habitual state of psychological torpor. Soon he begins to understand that everything that is happening to him is reality, and not the raving of inflamed mind. In the meantime, our hero is trying to figure out what is happening to him, a group of specialists constantly monitoring the condition of an unusual patient is seriously concerned that the boy hides a huge potential. They reasonably suggest that David is the strongest known mutant, endowed with incredibly powerful abilities.

Seasons: 2 3
IMDb icon 8.3/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
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