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The series "Empire" (Empire) was created by Lee Daniels, who took as a basis the story of the life of the famous rapper Jay Z. The main characters were once a wonderful married couple. They studied music and dreamed of glory together. My wife was ready for anything for the prosperity and fame of her husband. She even broke the law and paid for it by going to jail. Time passed and the man managed to realize the dream and create a real musical empire. He became a famous and wealthy man, while his wife served time in places of detention. The woman was released ahead of schedule and now she also wants some of the money, because, for the sake of her husband's fame, she sacrificed her freedom. He, in turn, learns that he has only a few years to live. Doctors found an incurable disease in a man. He put so much effort into creating a musical empire and dreams that it will continue to develop even when it does not. Therefore, he will have to choose an heir, who will be engaged in the further prosperity of the empire. The former wife claims to be the heir, as well as the three sons born in their marriage. Who will take the "throne" and lead the musical empire?

Seasons: 4 5 6
IMDb icon 7.4/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
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