Big Hero 6 The Series

Big Hero 6 The Series Season 2 watch online

Favorite characters return to the screen to please viewers with even more action and adventure! At first was an Oscar-winning cartoon that gave a push to this animated series. Events are now developing rapidly. Hiro is a child prodigy at the University of San Francisco, and he has a hard time, because he is the smallest on campus. And then villains with their super robots and the latest technology are going to attack the city! Someone has to protect the metropolis and its inhabitants from ill-wishers with their insidious plans. Hiro, Baimaksu and the whole team will have to struggle with powerful opponents. The guys do not really want to return to the team and become superheroes again, but in the face of danger they simply have no other choice. So, our kid is already loaded with new social tests and studies, and here again high-tech villains again do not give rest. But Wasabi, Gogo and Hani come back to the game, and now all the scoundrels will not get better!

Seasons: 1 2
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
Season 2 Episode List