Adam Ruins Everything

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American dynamic and funny comedy about the truth of life, such as it is, from the director Tim Wilkerson. Starring Adam Konover, Adam Lustik. Before you, the original and unique in its enchantment talk show. His presenter - a typical botanist in glasses and a sweater - tells people the truth about the world, secret signs and other semi-mystical nonsense, which everyone willingly believes from housewives to politicians. And everything starts pretty peacefully. Adam understands some exciting topic and begins to rant on her account. As soon as the audience gets a little tired from the monotonous lecture, the situation in the hall immediately changes. From the melancholic botanist comes out a very cautious and ardent young man who is ready for hours to prove common truths, which for some reason do not seem so obvious at first glance. Everything that we know about the organization of the world is exposed to undisguised doubt, and after all is ridiculed by the "benefactor" who manages to find real reasons why everything that is poured into our ears by the media and TV presenters is eating a lie, covered by a modest apron of illusion. Machines, elections, sex, banking and even charity - on any subject, he has not only his own speculations, but also undeniable facts proving that we, simple viewers, just hang noodles on our ears. The very fact of the existence of such a show is amazing, because even in democratic America such a format is simply unacceptable, especially since ruling corporations do not like it when some upstarts try to reveal their secrets. To look necessarily, at least for the general development.

Seasons: 3
IMDb icon 8.1/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
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