Drunk History

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A comedy historical TV series from American director and screenwriter Jeremy Conner. The main roles were played by Derek Waters and Benny Arthur. An unusual television project, which was attended by such iconic celebrities as actor Jack Black, former drummer of the band "Nirvana" Dave Grohl and many others. An Internet forum called "Funny or Die" threw the original idea of ​​creating a unique comic show in which talented authors talk about various historical events and discuss all the insanities that will come to their heads. At the same time, the narrators, whose voices are spoken by invited stars, are under the influence of alcoholic intoxication, becoming more cheerful and talkative because of this. Conducting discussions on American topics and indulging in historical tales, Hollywood and musical stars reveal their oratorical and acting potential, showing the viewer a new subjective-individual view of some significant events that took place over many decades in the country and in the world. Nixon's scandalous impeachment, the emergence of Abraham Lincoln, and the political ties of Elvis Presley - all these stories are fueled by witty and capacious satire. The viewer will receive an original opportunity to mentally immerse himself in the atmosphere of domestic gatherings in a relaxed free environment, feeling himself a participant in the event and, together with the characters, drawing information from the political, historical and religious plan.

Seasons: 5 6
IMDb icon 7.8/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
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